December 2020 (non-Christmas) playlist

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. From the somehow always controversial Starbucks cups, to the obligatory ugly sweater Zoom parties you need alcohol to get through, there’s no escaping the potentially-forced merriment surrounding the month of December. It’s the one time each year dedicated to giving, decorating, and listening to Michael Bublé. But 2020 has been a struggle, and if you’re not feeling the … Continue reading December 2020 (non-Christmas) playlist

What if Fire Emblem characters were playlists?

What if Fire Emblem: Three Houses took place in modern times? What music would the characters listen to? It should come to no surprise to anyone who knows me, but over the past year, I have accumulated an obscene amount of hours playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Think of a number of hours and double it. It still wouldn’t be high enough. Being the music/gaming … Continue reading What if Fire Emblem characters were playlists?

November/2018 Playlist

Colors are changing, the holidays are fast approaching, and with that, obligatory family time. Maybe obligatory isn’t the right word. This selection of songs has nothing to do with that. It’s just an intro. Sorry. Well maybe it does. If you’re uncomfortable at a family function, you can always hide away in grandma’s guest bedroom under everyone’s coats, put on your headphones, and play this … Continue reading November/2018 Playlist

September Playlist & News Recap

Fall is here! I’m not sure about where you’re at, but here in Michigan, we’re finally starting to get some below 80-degree temps and it’s great. We’re inching toward flannel weather! That’s the best kind of weather. September has been a crazy month for music, and I’m not just talking about the whole Eminem/Machine Gun Kelly insanity (though I do have opinions on this. Hit … Continue reading September Playlist & News Recap

Playlist: Sleeper

The sun is setting. There’s a chill in the air. Your eyelids are getting heavy. No, we’re not trying to hypnotize you. We’re just failing at yet another introduction. WAKE UP. Okay, now that you’re alert, bring it back down with this, the ultimate lull-yourself-to-sleep playlist. Don’t worry, it’s not all lullabies and ukulele praise band campfire songs. There’s some good stuff in here. Not … Continue reading Playlist: Sleeper