What if Fire Emblem characters were playlists?

What if Fire Emblem: Three Houses took place in modern times? What music would the characters listen to?

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but over the past year, I have accumulated an obscene amount of hours playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Think of a number of hours and double it. It still wouldn’t be high enough.

Being the music/gaming blogger I am, I had an idea. If the students and faculty of Garreg Mach Monastery were alive today, what would be on their Spotify playlists?

In order to compile these lists, I first have to analyze each character. What is their personality like? When would they listen to music? What mood would they be in? Would this music serve a specific purpose for them?

There are dozens of characters in FE3H and I simply don’t have the space to include them all (yet…), so today, I’ll be looking at just a handful of my favorite characters and analyzing the heck out of them. ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

“Let the lesson begin!”

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

Despite being the first name on this list, Dimitri’s playlist took me the longest to figure out. He’s a deeply troubled young man battling severe PTSD and depression. His desperate blood-thirsty need for vengeance nearly destroyed him. For a time, he wasn’t afraid of taking down anyone who stood in his path.

But underneath all of his demons, he’s an earnest, kindhearted person trying to do the right thing. He knows he’s made horrifying mistakes, and because of that, believes he deserves the absolute worst the world can throw at him. He’s one of the most complex characters in the game. No matter what I write, it’ll only be scratching the surface.

So how does one create a playlist for such a character? How indeed.

I found myself digging into my personal playlists a little too much for my liking, but I think I’ve compiled something fit for the King of Lions. A little sad, a little anxious, a lot edgy. And maybe a few love songs because he’s just way too smitten with Byleth.

Sylvain Jose Gautier

Sylvain is a tricky one. He walks around with a frat boy facade, acting happy-go-lucky, when really, he’s got a lot of darkness within him. If he was in charge of the aux cable at a party, you’d no doubt get a lot of The Chainsmokers and Dua Lipa. But when he’s alone with his thoughts, I think he’d listen to something moodier. Something with grit and raw emotion.

Sylvain suffered constant abuse from his family because of his crest. It’s no wonder he thinks anyone who shows interest in him just wants him for that same crest. It’s no wonder he puts up a front. He dreams of a world where crests hold no power. He dreams of finding someone who really loves him for him.

It’s easy to dismiss Sylvain as a player, but doing so completely overlooks the person struggling underneath.

Even so, old habits die hard, and intermingled between the emo you’ll likely find the occasional slightly-chauvinistic but generally fun party song. Plus, he’s still got female companions to entertain. A mixed bag, this one.

Felix Hugo Fraldarius

Felix’s playlist is just home recordings of Annette singing.

Okay, fine, I’ll try. We know from his supports and tea time conversations that this total tsundere of a character loves people who can sing. We also know that he’s the angstiest person in all of Fódlan. He’s got reason to be that way, though.

Losing his brother, his hero, in the tragedy of Duscur, watching his best friend lose his mind, and dealing with some questionable parenting because of it all — that’s enough to make anyone closed-off. He’s a tough one to crack. On the outside he appears to have no feelings at all for the people around him. But the reason Felix has to build that wall between himself and the world is because of how strong his feelings actually are.

He can never admit how much Dimitri’s change affected him. He can never tell Sylvain how much he cares about him. He can never open up to anyone about the trauma he’s been through, or else he’s just opening his heart to the potential of being broken all over again. It’s easier to deal with a friend dying in war if you distance yourself from them.

Felix’s playlist reflects his toughness. But we’d all be fooling ourselves if we think Sylvain wouldn’t add a few emotional numbers to it behind his back.

Hilda Valentine Goneril

Hilda is a fun character. She’s constantly looking for ways to get out of work, or asking to cheer on the troops from the sidelines instead of joining the ranks. “I’m a delicate flower, you know.” Then why is it that when you hop on your wyvern, you’re arguably the strongest unit on the roster?

Her support with Byleth gets to the heart of this issue. There’s so much attention on her older brother Holst, so many expectations placed on him. Hilda sees the fallout when he doesn’t measure up to those expectations and doesn’t want to feel the same disappointment directed to herself. If you set the bar low, no one will expect anything from you.

As Ferdinand says in their A support, “You feign sloth to obscure the considerable breadth and depth of your talents.” She says she won’t lay down her life for a friend, because what would be the point? Either way, someone’s dead. However, as we see in Derdriu, she gives her life for Claude, even when he tells her to retreat. She cares more about her people than even she can admit sometimes.

What kind of music does Hilda listen to? I think she’d embrace her fighting side and play female-focused empowering songs. Something she could swing an axe to. Plus some regular ol’ fun pop songs.

Marianne von Edmund

Poor, poor Marianne. So afraid of herself that she can’t see how beautiful the world is because she’s in it. Much of her background is still a mystery. We don’t know the details, just that something happened to her parents and they’re no longer around.

Many of her fellow students try to cheer her up, try to get her to smile. But Dimitri, no stranger to strong emotions himself, reassures her that it’s okay to feel the way she feels. They bond over their mutual survivor’s guilt. He may be the only person in the game who truly understands her.

She thinks she’s a monster, that she’ll hurt anyone she comes into contact with because of her crest.

Post-timeskip Marianne has hope, though. Not everything she listens to is dark and gloomy anymore, though it definitely sneaks in. And I think we can all agree that she’d 100% be a Twenty One Pilots fan.

Linhardt von Hevring

It’s our favorite sleepy boy, Linhardt. I’m eternally grateful for the Ashen Wolves DLC because it gave more meaningful screentime to a character I feel is often misunderstood based on the fact that he’s always tired. He’s always tired because he stays up late, waist deep in crest research that will one day change the world.

He’s a peace-loving scientist hungry for answers to his endless supply of questions. He would not have time or patience for music. However, IF he listened to music, maybe it would be sleepy songs to calm his mind if he was fixated on a specific problem? Here’s some dream pop for ya, buddy.

Ferdinand von Aegir

Ferdinand von Aegir is definitely a theatre kid. We can see that in his supports with both Dorothea and Manuela. It’s safe to say he’d listen to show tunes. Ferdinand is a valiant hero, the chivalrous knight in shining armor. He’s also highly competitive, encouraging, and optimistic to a fault (pre-timeskip, anyway), which is why his developing friendship with Hubert is so fun. He’s the sun that shines through Hubert’s darkness.

What I like about Ferdinand is that he doesn’t let the pressure of becoming the next Duke Aegir get to him. There’s a lot on his plate, but unlike Hilda, he takes it all handily, proving he’s worthy of his title. He knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it, all while maintaining perfect noble status. Nothing is going to get in his way.

Ferdinand is a master self-motivator. All he needs is some Disney magic and Broadway sparkle to get him back in the fighting spirit.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a massive game, with hundreds of hours of story content to sift through, and dozens of characters to grow attached to. Even after playing all four routes, I struggle to definitively state who my favorite character is. Marianne? Yuri? Seteth?

It’s quite possible that I love this game too much, but making this post was a lot of fun. I’m already working on a part II, so check back for that. Plus, I’ll be adding more to the above playlists whenever I find a fitting song.

[Note from the future: Part II is now available!]

Which Three Houses characters do you want to see featured next? Sound off in the comments below.

Featured image courtesy of Fire Emblem: Three Houses gameplay.

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