The ultimate road trip playlist

Which is better– road trips with friends, or road trips alone?

I myself prefer the solo road trip. Sure, it’s nice to have other people in the car to talk to and keep you awake, but when it’s their turn to control the aux, you’re forced to listen to whatever music they provide. As someone with country music-loving friends, a road trip can go from happy to horrendous in the matter of minutes.

Plus, when you’re by yourself, you get to choose when you stop and what you eat. It’s a no-brainer, really. Solo trips are always better.

I realize now that me creating a road trip playlist for you feels a bit like I’m the friend with the aux cord, BUT sometimes your friends have good taste in music.

I promise there’s no country in this.

Instead, you’ll find a good mix of 70s hits, early 2000s nostalgia, and modern favorites. Rock, pop-punk, and a smidge of indie pop. Guaranteed to be a good time.

Just don’t get too distracted cuz I’m not gonna be held liable for any playlist-inducing fender benders.

Happy travels!

Featured image courtesy of Wiegots via Pixabay.

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