SOTD: ‘Falling Away With You’ by Muse

Today has been a great day for Muse fans. The British group finally released their new song “Dig Down” in the form of a music video, and there was much rejoicing. No, I didn’t get the title of this post wrong. You can expect a review of “Dig Down” later tonight, but for now, we look back at the greatest song Muse has ever created: “Falling Away With You.”


“Falling Away With You” is the sixth song off of critically acclaimed album Absolution (2003). This album caused Muse to blow up in the mainstream. People in the U.S. started to take notice and it wasn’t long before the band found international success. The record focuses on Matt Bellamy’s assumed impending apocalypse, featuring songs about death and destruction. Pretty upbeat stuff. With smash hits like “Hysteria” and “Time Is Running Out,” Muse could no longer hide in the shadows. Absolution was loud and in your face in the best ways.

Until you hit “Falling Away With You.”

Bellamy, who was named the 19th greatest guitarist to ever live, managed to write a slow song that still had an impressive and contemplative guitar line. The track is at times very calming, yet the chorus is pleading and rocking. The relationship is decaying, and all he wants to do is go back and remember when things were good.

The idea that he’s “falling away with” this person instead of from them has lead to different interpretations of the lyrics. Are they staying together? Are they over and just falling together into the breakup? Is this song even about a romantic relationship at all?

Many questions remain, but one thing we can all agree on is the almost unsettling, eerie ending. “Memories I will never find/memories I will never find.” It brings a shiver down your spine just reading it.

Give “Falling Away With You” a listen tonight, and while you’re at it, revisit Absolution. An album of that caliber is always worth a full playthrough.


Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia.

One thought on “SOTD: ‘Falling Away With You’ by Muse

  1. Fantastic album and an excellent song – one of my favourites to pick through when there’s an acoustic guitar laying around. Just a shame that instead of some epic, Absolution-style rock they delivered the dull Dig Down the other day…

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