Fire Emblem: Three Houses as playlists – Part II

What if Fire Emblem: Three Houses took place in modern times? What music would the characters listen to?

This question has been on the outskirts of my mind for quite some time (over a year, in fact), and it never stops intriguing me. I’ll hear a song in the store and think, “I bet Marianne would like this,” or I’ll turn on the radio and think, “Wow, Seteth would be appalled if he heard Flayn listening to this.”

To be clear, it’s not every time I hear a song. It’s only sometimes. I don’t have a problem. (I do have a problem.)

Even so, it’s a fun thing to consider. You get to delve into the inner workings of a fictional character and make playlists catered just for them.

Which brings us here today.

Let part II of the analysis begin. (And if you haven’t read the first part of this series, you can do that, as well.)

Annette Fantine Dominic

As we’ve seen in the game, Annette is cheery and sweet, writing songs about steaks and cakes, but sometimes also about blowing up libraries. When she gets her first kill in the game, she says without a hint of remorse, “I did it! See? I’m a great fighter!” There’s more to this girl than initially meets the eye, but if there’s anything we can be sure of, it’s that Annette is exactly who she says she is, which is probably why Felix is so drawn to her.

There aren’t many songs about bears and swamp beasties in the world today, but when I picture a modern Annette, I think of her and Mercie on a road trip, shout-singing songs they’ve sung together forever. Nostalgia. And then Felix is just in the backseat pretending to be annoyed but is actually loving the free concert. 

This is Annette’s socially-acceptable fun-time playlist. I don’t want to imagine what she’d listen to on her own. 

Caspar von Bergliez

If you think Caspar listens to anything but pop-punk, you’re out of your mind. 

Caspar is the epitome of the “boy-next-door.” He is the sk8er boi Avril Lavigne sang about. I mean, just look at that faux-hawk pre-timeskip haircut! He has that non-conformist, do-it-yourself attitude all punks know too well, with a bit of that trademark rebellion.

What I love about Caspar is that he’s genuinely a good guy. He’s not always the brightest, and he may not pick up on hints very well (i.e., that support with Hilda), but he’s always trying to do the right thing. He has a strong moral compass, as seen in his support chain with Byleth. He puts the lives of children ahead of the Knights of Seiros and tells Byleth, “I want to stand by your side, but I won’t stop standing up for what I believe in.”

He’s a little stubborn in his beliefs, and may go against orders, but he doesn’t back down. You have to admire that, even if you don’t always agree with him. Heck, even when Edelgard, his future emperor, tried to push her ideals on him, he told her off. 

I fully believe you’d find a modern-day Caspar at the skate park. Maybe he’d even instruct a class, teaching kids how to skate. Then he’d go home to the apartment he shares with Linhardt and blast some tunes while the green-haired boy tries to sleep. 

Ignatz Victor

Speaking of best boys, Ignatz is definitely up there with them. He’s just a painter who wants to capture the world’s beauty on canvas, yet he’s stuck being a knight to provide for his family. He tells everyone he’s okay with this decision, but it’s very clear that his heart isn’t in it. And why would it be? Becoming an assassin instead of an artist? What a terrible trade off.

Luckily, his friends at the Officer’s Academy are never short on praise for his artwork, and often encourage him to follow his dreams instead. The shy boy finally gets the courage to drop his sword after the war is over in exchange for his paint brush. 

(On a selfish note, I’m glad he waited because he was a critical hit machine post-timeskip.)

Being the artsy person he is, I think Ignatz would be a fan of indie music. Some indie pop, some indie rock. Anything creative and interesting. He’d also be pretty into Belle & Sebastian. 

Hubert von Vestra

Hubert is a loyalist. He has a job to do and he will not stray from it. Obviously, that job is serving Edelgard. He’s not blindly following his leader, though. As we see in his B support with Ferdinand, he disobeyed one of the emperor’s direct orders because he believes he knows how to handle the situation better than her.

Hubert follows Edelgard not only because it is his duty, but because he holds the same ideals that she does. They’re walking along the same path.

We also see some surprising softness from the dark and brooding man in his supports with Bernadetta, where he admits to wanting to do whatever it takes to make sure she’s no longer frightened by him. Then there’s the whole buying tea for Ferdinand thing. 

If you’re able to break through Hubert’s rough exterior and prove yourself to him, you’ll have a loyal friend for life — unless you go against Edelgard. Then you get death.

I don’t think Hubert cares much for modern music. However, I just get the sense that in today’s society, Hubert would be one of those snobby film buffs. Maybe he’d be an indie filmmaker himself. Either way, he’s definitely paying attention to the music choice, and his playlist reflects this. (And yes, the first track is intentional.)

Yuri Leclerc

Boy, do I love Yuri. Just like Claude, Yuri himself is a master manipulator. Fiercely smart, dangerously charming. Yuri, however, does not share the same naivety. He’s also much more honest up-front. Plus, he’s got a one-up on the leader of the Alliance in that he knows far more about the seedy underbelly of the nobility system than Claude, having done anything to scrape by before his time at Garreg Mach.

Born as a child of a single prostitute mother, life was never easy for Yuri. Having survived a deathly plague thanks to a mysterious elderly man, he decided to devote his life to helping those less fortunate. He was constantly changing names, taking less than desirable jobs in order to do just that. Now he’s the leader of the Abyssians, using his gang to bring good into the world, and take out the bad. His methods may be a little unconventional, but he’s got one heck of a heart, and a very steady head on his shoulders.

The ever-sneaky Savage Mockingbird is a spy movie protagonist. He’s the James Bond of Fodlan. I think he’d listen to music that could soundtrack his adventures; songs that sound like they could be in a modern-day secret agent flick. (And being the die-hard Chuck fan that I am, you know I had to throw in Cake’s “Short Skirt/Long Jacket.”)

If you missed the first part of this series, be sure to check that out to find out what Dimitri, Sylvain, Felix, Hilda, Marianne, Linhardt, and Ferdinand would listen to.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses came out two years ago and I still find myself playing it regularly. The immensely high replay value and lovable characters are enough to keep you attached for the long-haul.

And guess what? Part III of this series is in the works as we speak. And given my daily upload schedule, you won’t have to wait a whole year for me to publish it like last time.

Which FE3H characters should I feature next? Would you like to see me do these for other games? Let me know below or on Twitter @altechomusic.

Featured image courtesy of Fire Emblem: Three Houses gameplay.

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