Spotify unveil Today’s Top Fans feature

We all know and love Spotify’s end-of-year Unwrapped results– getting those validating statistics we can post on social media to prove we’re amongst an artist’s biggest fans. But what if I told you you didn’t have to wait a whole year to see similar results?

Spotify’s Today’s Top Fans feature allows users each day to see the stats on one of their most listened to artists, showing when you first started listening to them, what your go-to song is, and most importantly for clout’s sake, what percentage of fan you are based on how much you’ve listened to them.

The catch is that the band or artist will have to be one featured on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist. They may not be your No. 1 most listened to musical act of all time, but still one you’ve gotten to know well over the years.

I know this because I decided to give it a go myself and to say I was surprised by the results would be an understatement.

While Calvin Harris’ “School” may be one of the greatest songs ever created under 2 minutes in length, he’s definitely not who I expected to see. Especially not that number. Top 9%? And that doesn’t even take into account the amount of times I’ve listened to him via CD in my car.

I’m probably most perplexed, though, that the result wasn’t OneRepublic, a band I’ve loved since 2007, and one who also has a song on the Today’s Top Hits playlist (“Run”).

This feature is only fun is you’re a fan of big name artists. In fact, you may not even have any results to look at if you’re mostly into the kind of music we regularly feature on this blog. However, I’d say to still give it a try. You may find yourself just as shocked as I was.

You can view your results by visiting

Who were your most-listened to artists? Who would be if these results included everyone? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image taken from Today’s Top Fans via Spotify.

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