Coffeehouse playlist

Now that the world is starting to open up (at least in the U.S.), we can finally start doing things we often took for granted before this whole thing started. One thing I think a lot of people have been missing is being able to chill out at a coffee shop.

There’s nothing quite like the coffee shop atmosphere– the overpriced lattes, the smell of roasting beans, and the soft sounds of acoustic music. Its the music that really sets the mood. That’s why there’s so many playlists and YouTube livestreams dedicated to it.

I’ve been hankering for some coffee shop time lately. (Actually, I think I just have coffee on the brain because of my migraine.) And I know that there are a lot of international readers on this site who might still be in lockdown situations. What’s the next best thing to being at the cafe in person? Listening to a coffeehouse playlist– specifically, this one.

I promise, as tempting as it was, it’s not all John Mayer. In this playlist, you will also find Kodaline, Belle & Sebastian, Dashboard Confessional, and a bunch of other familiar and not-so-familiar voices.

So whether you’re having coffee at home or drinking tea on your morning commute, you can feel like you’re in the comforts of your favorite coffee joint– just with better music.

Featured image courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay.

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