July/2021 Playlist

Summer may technically start on the solstice each year, but I think we can all agree that summer really starts at the beginning of June.

If you’re like me and absolutely detest all things sweltering, summer can be a bit of a struggle. Frizzy hair, annoyingly loud air conditioners, and worst of all– the relenting reminder that you can’t wear your favorite hoodie for months.


I had originally curated this playlist in January with the intent on publishing it six (six?!) months ago. But I think maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t.

Listening to this playlist now takes me back to those dreamy winter months. Snowy, cold, and stuck in a ditch.

Wait. I might be remembering that wrong.

In any case, whether summer is the time you shine, or the time you cry, I think you’ll find some use out of this month’s playlist.

And don’t forget: the best way to save money this summer is by staying inside. After all, a bottle of vitamin D pills is cheaper than sunblock, right?

(this is terrible advice, kids. go outside.)

Featured image courtesy of PIXNIO.

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