Twenty One Pilots dance party gets rude interruption in ‘Saturday’ music video

Industry heavyweights Twenty One Pilots escape the ocean depths in their new music video for their song “Saturday.”

The track was released as the third single off their album Scaled and Icy on May 18, 2021, with the song peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart back in June.

“Saturday” is a break from the often heavy music the duo are known for, instead swapping out screams and melancholy for funk and happiness.

The video shows band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn performing on top, and then inside, a submarine. All is well until their underwater dance party is suddenly interrupted when a sea monster crashes into the watercraft.

While partygoers are screaming and making their escape, we see Tyler take a phone call from his real-life wife Jenna as Josh tapes a yellow ‘X’ on the wall, which may symbolize more than just a drummer trying to stop a sinking ship with duct tape.

If you’re not up-to-date with the Twenty One Pilots lore (it is very hard to keep track of), this sea monster is actually a dragon by the name of Trash. Based on a dragon miniature figure Tyler had in his studio, Trash plays an important role in the storytelling of not only “Saturday,” but the whole Scaled and Icy album, as well.

(We won’t get into all the intricacies, but if you’re interested in learning more, you can head down the rabbit hole that is the Twenty One Pilots subreddit.)

At the end of the video, the two men narrowly make it out of the wreckage with the rest of the survivors as Trash swims below. It’s safe to say the cinematic story will continue with their next video release.

Twenty One Pilots will be hitting the road this fall for their Takeover Tour. You can try your luck at finding tickets by heading to Ticketmaster, though you may want to prepare for any possible sticker shock.

Until then, check out the video for “Saturday” and let us know what your theories are about Trash and that yellow ‘X’ below.

Featured image taken from Twenty One Pilots – Saturday (Official Video) via twenty one pilots

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