Coldplay’s ‘All I Can Think About Is You’ is too pure for this world

*Danger: Proceed with caution. The following song may cause states of euphoria and mind-bending contemplation.*

Coldplay ripped a hole through time with their release of “All I Can Think About Is You” from their soon-to-be available Kaleidoscope EP, and it very well may be the greatest thing they’ve ever created.

I’m aware of what I just wrote. This is not an over-hype. I’m entirely serious.

If you missed the “old” Coldplay, here it is. If you love the “new” Coldplay, here it is. That’s just the thing – “All I Can Think About Is You” is Coldplay. All of it. It’s a perfect blend of past, present and future.

Every part of this track is quintessential Coldplay. The guitar riff screams Johnny Buckland. Guy Berryman brings us another intriguing bass line. Will Champion keeps it steady with his simple, but fitting, beat. And as usual, Chris Martin brought all of this together with perfectly written lyrics and a maddeningly flawless sequence of chords flooding from his piano.

How do I live in the same world as this song? I don’t feel worthy. It’s like my soul was cut open and everything that is beautiful in this existence was poured in, especially as the piano enters midway through, using its steady crescendo to produce enough kinetic energy to crash into you, throwing you from your metaphorical standstill.

This song will change you, all the way down to your core. You won’t be the same after listening to it. You’ll crave it. You’ll be disappointed listening to anything else, at least for now, because nothing can compare to this one song.

Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in the world, and with that territory comes a lot of criticism. I get it. Good music just isn’t your thing. However, there is absolutely no denying that “All I Can Think About Is You” is a masterpiece, unlike anything ever produced.

Kaleidoscope, originally slated for a June 2 release, has been pushed back to July 14. It will feature five songs, though three have already been released (“Something Just Like This,” “Hypnotised,” and this). The other two will be unheard tracks “Miracles (Something Special)” and “A L I E N S.”

According to Coldplay’s “fifth member” Phil Harvey, we have a lot to look forward to with this EP:

Hearing “All I Can Think About Is You” and “Hypnotised” is enough for me to agree with him. Even with the input from the Chainsmokers, who I very much do not like, I did find some enjoyment listening to “Something Just Like This.”

I’m extremely excited to hear the other two tracks. July 14 can’t come soon enough. Let’s hope it’s even a fraction as good as this track.

Which, by the way –


Featured image taken from Coldplay – All I Can Think About Is You (Official Lyric Video) via Coldplay Official (with some editing by Nicole Metzler).

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