Playlist: Bleak

Sometimes it seems like life has a twisted sense of humor. Just when things start to look up, a slab of meatloaf is flopped on your plate. Theres nothing worse than meatloaf when you’re expecting chicken nuggets.

Living life isn’t an easy thing to do. In the words of Coldplay, “Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard.” There are good parts, of course, but sometimes life is depressing, sad and frustrating. Sometimes life is bleak.

Music is good therapy, especially when you’re down. Science shows that listening to sad music when you’re sad can actually be a good thing. Here’s where we come in.

The ‘Bleak’ playlist brings you over 50 songs about life at its worst. And because we don’t want you to be completely hopeless, we suggest heading over to the Nostalgia playlist afterward to bring the good vibes back.

Enjoy the playlist. But don’t dwell on it.

Featured image courtesy of Dun.can via Flickr (with some editing by Nicole Metzler).

One thought on “Playlist: Bleak

  1. The perfect combination of bleak yet beautiful. Just when life starts to really get to you and the voices get too loud, Brandon Flowers makes it all melt away with Be Still. ❤

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