SOTD: ‘The Edge of Tonight’ by All Time Low

It’s a little late in the night, and I promise it wasn’t on purpose, but here is your Alternative Echo official Song of the Day: “The Edge of Tonight” by All Time Low. Get it? Because it’s the edge of the night? I’m sorry.

This is a good song to gradually get hyped up with. When I first played this song for my brother, he heard the intro and said, “Oh, this is gonna be a good song.” I had the same thoughts when I heard it a couple years back (has it really already been two years since Future Hearts was released?).

Alex Gaskarth’s vocals are normally pretty great, but as soon as that climactic chorus hits, he soars above and beyond expectations. Partnered with the musicianship of Zack Merrick, Rian Dawson and Jack Barakat, and you’ve got a song you’ll want to play at a dangerously loud volume as the chills wash over you. Whether you’ve got a special person in mind that you connect the song with, or you’re just appreciating a good tune for what it’s worth, “The Edge of Tonight” is a banger of a song.

Featured image by Dan Cox via Flickr (coloring and titles added by Nicole Metzler).

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