Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth team up for Simple Creatures

Like father, like son.

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and his protégé Alex Gaskarth (of All Time Low) are making waves in the music world today with the announcement that they’re once again collaborating, but not just as a feature on a song. The two pop-punk heavyweights may have entered the recording studio as just friends, but they left as bandmates. (And no, Alex isn’t coming in as Tom DeLonge’s second replacement.)

They’re called Simple Creatures and, according to their Twitter, there’s a lot in store for us listeners.


“We just woke up from a very long sleep.” That’s where things get curious. If you look on the band’s profile, they joined the social media website in June 2010. Is this band nearly nine years in the making? That would be a very long sleep.

For perspective, All Time Low joined Twitter in May of 2010.

It’s all speculation, of course.

Their first single is titled “Drug.” Speaking to Kerrang, the guys touched on why they chose this song as their debut.

“‘Drug’ is always the first song we play people when introducing them to Simple Creatures, so it only makes sense that it’s the first single,” Mark said. “I love the ratty guitar lead mixed with the thumping kick drum.”

“In the studio, it felt immediately like it was the song that best defined Simple Creatures; it’s gritty, grimy, rooted in the musicality we both came up on, but with a twist that takes it away from anything we’ve worked on before,” Alex added.

Much like the toxicity of pills, the song compares drug use to an addictive relationship.

“‘Drug’ is a song about someone or something you want the most, being terrible for you… Feels great until it doesn’t, but then you can’t stop,” Alex said.

Their EP is due to drop in March. Until then, give “Drug” a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below, or on our Twitter.



(And not to worry, fans of blink-182 and All Time Low. It’s highly doubtful the guys would leave their day jobs for the new band. Just a new project to get excited about.)

Mark Hoppus featured image courtesy of Will Fisher via Flickr, Alex Gaskarth image courtesy of Dan Cox via Flickr, with editing by Nicole Metzler.

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