10 MORE of K.K. Slider’s best songs to request at concerts

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for nearly two months, and by now, it’s likely you’ve encountered the musical hound K.K. Slider on your island, set up with an acoustic guitar outside the Resident Services building.

Depending on how long you’ve had the game and how quickly you’ve made progress on your island, you may have already attended a handful of this dog’s chill concerts.

We’ve already covered K.K. Slider’s 10 greatest hits in a previous post. However, after much deliberation, it has become clear that 10 is not nearly a high enough number. That is why we are here today, once again combing through the musician’s catalogue in order to present these 10 additional songs you’ll want to request the next time K.K. is performing on your island.

[Note: the term “aircheck” refers to the version of the song K.K. Slider gives you after his performance. This version, once played on a stereo, will sound slightly different than his live rendition.]

1.) K.K. Condor

Honestly, “K.K. Condor” probably should have been on the original list. The song takes influence from South American folk music, featuring an acoustic guitar opening and a melody based around the pan flute. It’s a very cool song that can easily fit many different room themes.

“K.K. Condor” was also featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and can be heard if K.K. Slider himself appears on the Smashville stage.

2.) Marine Song 2001

If you’re a longstanding fan of the Animal Crossing series, you’ll remember a character named Kapp’n, the turtle who’d transport you by boat, bus and taxi to special locations in previous games. And while we’re hoping to eventually see him in some form in New Horizons in the future, you can still remember him by enjoying his song.

Well, technically it’s K.K.’s song, but it’s based on the one Kapp’n sings while rowing his boat in the GameCube (GC) Animal Crossing. One of the great things about “Marine Song 2001” is that it’s the longest of K.K.’s songs, playing for over three minutes before starting back up again. Plenty of time to sit and listen.

The tone of his voice is different enough from other songs that it makes you feel like Kapp’n is the one singing, just as he had before. In fact, it’s the only aircheck version that includes the vocals, as the songs are typically 100% instrumental.

Here’s hoping Kapp’n gets integrated into New Horizons sometime soon. Maybe we’ll be able to hear him sing once again.

3.) K.K. Sonata

You’ve heard K.K. take on pop, country and folk. How about a classical music break? The musician will stick to his guitar during the live show, but the aircheck version of “K.K. Sonata” is without guitar and without voice. What is left is a solo pianist navigating effortlessly through melancholic arpeggios and melodic lines.

It’s a sad, yet peaceful song you’d play during a rain shower with a cup of tea while lamenting over the fact that you sold your turnips for less than what you bought them for.

4.) My Place

There’s a fun story to “My Place.” For those not familiar with the K.K. Slider request system, if you have a specific song you want him to play, you have to type it in exactly as it’s spelled. If there’s even so much as a missing space or apostrophe, you won’t hear the song you’re looking for.

In GC Animal Crossing, “My Place” was one of three songs K.K. would play if you typed a song in incorrectly. He wouldn’t even give you a copy of the song; it was unobtainable. And as a bonus, you had to wait a whole week before getting another chance at taking home the song you originally wanted for your stereo.

Luckily for New Horizons players, this is no longer the case. Feel free to request “My Place” at the next concert.

5.) K.K. Marathon

“K.K. Marathon” is based on Indonesian Gamelan music. It features heavy vibraphone use, a simple, yet prominent drum beat, and a short electronic melody.

It’s not really known why this upbeat song is called “Marathon,” as it’s referred to as “K.K. Gamelan” in other languages. I hadn’t known of its origins prior to writing this post, so I’m glad it was included on the list. It’s always good to expand your world music knowledge. Who knew a singing dog would be the one to initiate that?

6.) Animal City

I included “Forest Life,” a song that’s a reworked version of GC Animal Crossing‘s theme, in the last post. It only felt fitting to include “Animal City,” which you may recognize from the Wii’s Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Each playing of “Animal City” comes with a complimentary wave of nostalgia as you’re transported to memories of dropping crazy amounts of bells at GracieGrace, getting your shoes polished by Kicks, and getting swindled by the very shady Crazy Redd.

Like “My Place,” “Animal City” was once an unobtainable song, but is now available by request.

7.) K.K. Oasis

If you’re looking to fill your room with elephant sounds, “K.K. Oasis” may be the song for you. The original title for this song was “Maharaja,” which is the sanskrit word for “great ruler” or “high king.” There is some discrepancy among fans on whether the song is inspired by Egypt or India, but the origin name does not lie: this is clearly an Indian-based track.

It differs greatly from many of K.K.’s other songs, so adding it to your library might be a good idea in order to bring in some musical diversity.

8.) K.K. Disco

“K.K. Disco” has all the trademarks of a great disco tune: a syncopated base line, a steady drum beat and infectious danceability. After a few loops of this song, you’ll be stuck humming the melody for the rest of the day. This may be accompanied by uncontrollable head bobbing. Probably best not to venture in public if that’s the case.

If you’re designing a nightclub on your island, you can’t go wrong with playing this in the background.

9.) Drivin’

If you’ve been an active reader of this site, you’ll know that I have a thing for songs that sound like they’re supposed to be played during nighttime drives. That means I have a thing for “Drivin’,” another secret song, now available by request in New Horizons.

Electric piano and synth bass give “Drivin'” a chill, jazzy feel, with just enough intrigue to keep you listening as the track loops over and over again.

10.) Wandering

“Wandering” is incredibly simple and pretty repetitive, so it may not be one you listen to for more than a minute. But what it is good for is setting a mood in a room, so it might serve you well to give this song a shot. I could see it being used in a kiddie-themed room, or anywhere pastel-colored. Even a bathroom or bedroom might work if the furniture was right.

Some K.K. songs you wish were available on Spotify for everyday use. Some you like just because they fit your island home better. It’s good to have a little of both to match whatever needs may arise.


There are a total of 95 K.K. Slider songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With our two lists, we’ve covered 20 of his best. But which ones have we missed? Is your favorite not on the list? Let us know which K.K. Slider song is the soundtrack to your life and we may include it in a future post.

Featured image taken from Animal Crossing: New Horizons gameplay.

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