SOTD: ‘Sovereign Light Café’ by Keane

It’s never fun when one of your favorite bands goes on hiatus.

Can you believe the last time Keane put out an LP was in 2012? That’s six Keane-less years*. Six. No wonder the world is messed up. Our collective life soundtrack is missing that classic blend of somber and uplifting beauty brought by these sincerely underrated British alt rockers.

Am I saying that Keane is responsible for the bad things in the world purely based on their absence? No. But I’m not not saying that.

Just a thought.

The aforementioned 2012 album, Strangeland, features 12 solid tracks, but one that really stands out from the rest is the third single from the album: “Sovereign Light Café.”

“Sovereign Light Café” fills you with nostalgia and warmth. The song takes you on a journey to various locations in East Sussex, England, and even though it’s likely you’ve never been “down Powder Mill Lane,” or “up the north trade road,” you’ll feel a strange connection to the memories sung by Tom Chaplin.

You’ll start to feel nostalgia for a time that wasn’t yours. Not a different time period, but someone else’s life entirely. From there, it can go one of two ways:

1.) It can help spark your own memories and you’ll be able to reminisce about your youth,


2.) It will make you realize your youth low-key sucked and you don’t have great memories to look back on, so you spiral out of control and wind up in a state of deep depression, wishing life had dealt you a different hand.

I hope it’s the first one. And if it’s not, you still have time. Go out and make better memories.

And do it while listening to “Sovereign Light Café.” Talk about the perfect backdrop.

Featured image taken from ”Keane – Sovereign Light Café” via KeaneVEVO.
* I understand that they released a song for a movie in 2016. Doesn’t count.

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