SOTD: ‘Gravity’ by Coldplay

I’m looking out the window of my bedroom on this dreary afternoon, greeted by grey skies and the occasional drizzle. It’s cold. I could turn on the heat, but I choose not to. Sometimes you want to shiver.

There’s a lot of honesty that comes from gloomy days. Something about the weather makes us dig deep inside ourselves and pull out emotions we’ve kept hidden, memories we didn’t want to resurface.

Or, less dramatically, it makes you want to listen to sad and somber music.

Coldplay is no stranger to the sad and somber, but there’s one song from the British heavyweights that has the ability to rip your heart out like none other. And no, it’s not “Fix You.”

Released as a b-side on the Talk single, little known “Gravity” was penned by Chris Martin, but was ultimately sold to the band Embrace.

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via gfycat

Very few people realize Coldplay’s recording of this song exists, which is one of the greatest crimes committed in music listening history. Taken at a slower tempo than Embrace, CP’s “Gravity” packs a serious punch to the gut.

“Can you hear my heart beating?/Can you hear that sound?/’Cause I can’t help thinking/And I won’t stop now.”

If not knowing this song exists is the greatest crime, perhaps the second greatest is that you can’t buy this on iTunes. If you don’t own the Talk single album (so, basically, everyone), you can’t legally own this track. Thankfully, it’s available on Spotify, where it only has just over three million plays. For a band that boasts nearly 30 million monthly listeners, that’s appalling.

(More appalling? “Something Just Like This” has almost 800 million listens.)

The tune clocks in at 6 minutes, 21 seconds, which seems long, but trust me — you’ll be begging for at least another 3 minutes.

Don’t believe me? Hear for yourself below:

Featured image courtesy of Blair-39 via Flickr (with some editing by Nicole Metzler).

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