January playlist

Welcome to 2017. A fresh start and a new you is emerging into a bright future and things are looking up. Just kidding. Things suck. But you know what? The end of the world could use an awesome playlist. This is where I come in.

Every month from here until, well, the end, you can expect a brand new playlist of roughly 15 songs to act as a soundtrack for the next month. Some songs may be new, some may be old, you may have heard them or you may not have, but either way, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

(It should be noted that these are of various genres.)

If you like the playlist, save it. Memorize it. Print it out and hang it on your bedroom ceiling and look at it longingly as you fall asleep.

Or just follow it. And if you want to see what I’m listening to at all times like the creeper you are, just go ahead and follow me on Spotify, as well.

Happy January and happy listening,


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