Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth team up for Simple Creatures

Like father, like son. Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and his protégé Alex Gaskarth (of All Time Low) are making waves in the music world today with the announcement that they’re once again collaborating, but not just as a feature on a song. The two pop-punk heavyweights may have entered the recording studio as just friends, but they left as bandmates. (And no, Alex isn’t coming in … Continue reading Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth team up for Simple Creatures

November/2018 Playlist

Colors are changing, the holidays are fast approaching, and with that, obligatory family time. Maybe obligatory isn’t the right word. This selection of songs has nothing to do with that. It’s just an intro. Sorry. Well maybe it does. If you’re uncomfortable at a family function, you can always hide away in grandma’s guest bedroom under everyone’s coats, put on your headphones, and play this … Continue reading November/2018 Playlist

Twenty One Pilots perfect their genre-defying artistry with ‘Trench’

Twenty One Pilots have delivered in a way I did not expect with the release of Trench. Hearing the four singles before the album hit, I was left with some mixed feelings. “Levitate” was fantastic, “Jumpsuit” grew on me. The other two, “My Blood” and “Nico And The Niners,” I wasn’t too sure about. However, after finishing a straight-through listen of the album, I’m taken … Continue reading Twenty One Pilots perfect their genre-defying artistry with ‘Trench’

September Playlist & News Recap

Fall is here! I’m not sure about where you’re at, but here in Michigan, we’re finally starting to get some below 80-degree temps and it’s great. We’re inching toward flannel weather! That’s the best kind of weather. September has been a crazy month for music, and I’m not just talking about the whole Eminem/Machine Gun Kelly insanity (though I do have opinions on this. Hit … Continue reading September Playlist & News Recap

Marshmello’s generic music overpowers Bastille in ‘Happier’

British champs Bastille teamed up with Marshmello to produce the song “Happier,” which is probably the most positive word that will come out of this review.         As an avid fan of Bastille, I’ve rarely had any problems with their musical choices, often declaring them as being one of the most creative and talented acts in the world. As someone with a … Continue reading Marshmello’s generic music overpowers Bastille in ‘Happier’

SOTD: ‘Transatlanticism’ by Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie is no stranger to emotional music, and if you’re in search of some rip-your-heart-out levels of pain today, you’ve come to the right place. You can tell how good a band is by the quality of their longest songs. If you can produce an epic, 7+ minute track, you can do just about anything. For the same reason that “23” made … Continue reading SOTD: ‘Transatlanticism’ by Death Cab for Cutie

Playlist: Sleeper

The sun is setting. There’s a chill in the air. Your eyelids are getting heavy. No, we’re not trying to hypnotize you. We’re just failing at yet another introduction. WAKE UP. Okay, now that you’re alert, bring it back down with this, the ultimate lull-yourself-to-sleep playlist. Don’t worry, it’s not all lullabies and ukulele praise band campfire songs. There’s some good stuff in here. Not … Continue reading Playlist: Sleeper