Tired of waiting for Animal Crossing updates? Shop UNIQLO’s exclusive ACNH collection now

Lovers of Animal Crossing, rejoice! No, there are no new updates. No, Brewster is not in the game. No, you still can’t travel to Tortimer Island.

However, you can upgrade your wardrobe with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection, available exclusively at UNIQLO.

With options for adults, kids, and babies, your whole family can flaunt their love for their favorite Nintendo game.

Here are some of the options available on the UNIQLO US store:

Women’s Able Sister’s T-Shirt

Photo from UNIQLO

Showcase everyone’s favorite hedgehog siblings, Mabel, Label, and Sable, with this #1 Tailor Shop tee. Not only does it clothe you, but it also provides a helpful reminder that their store hours are super dumb and they need to stay open way later than 9pm.

Men’s K.K. Slider T-Shirt

Photo from UNIQLO

We love K.K. Slider here at Alt Echo (who doesn’t??), so naturally, we gravitated to this number, which features a line K.K. would say at the start of his weekly concert.

“Farewell” is actually a secret song in ACNH. This tune is only available by request, so if you want to hear him play it, you know what to do.

Or you can cheat and listen to the aircheck version of it on YouTube by clicking here.

Kid’s Timmy & Tommy T-Shirt

Photo from UNIQLO

How cute is this Timmy & Tommy kids shirt?? The answer is: very cute. The problem? It’s not available in adult sizes. Sadness.

Men’s Turnip T-Shirt

Show the world you rule the stalk market with this tee featuring Daisy Mae and her Sunday turnips on the back, and the Nook trio proclaiming to “use your bells well” on the front.

You can make a ton of money off the stalk market. Just be sure not to time travel, or else your turnips will end up like that rotten one on the back and you’ll be out major bells.

Not speaking from personal experience… I would never time travel.

OKAY maybe I would, but it’s only because these darn stores close too early. I made your businesses possible. You should be catering to my schedule.

You can find these shirts and more by heading over to the UNIQLO website. But here’s the kicker: you can only order one of each item. So if you wanna go twinsies with someone, you’re gonna have to place your orders separately.

Are you going to purchase one of these shirts? Or are you just impatiently waiting for game updates like me? Let us know in the comments below or on our twitter @altechomusic.

Featured image taken from UNIQLO PRESENTS: Animal Crossing™: New Horizons UT via UNIQLOUSA

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