September Playlist & News Recap

Fall is here! I’m not sure about where you’re at, but here in Michigan, we’re finally starting to get some below 80-degree temps and it’s great. We’re inching toward flannel weather! That’s the best kind of weather.

September has been a crazy month for music, and I’m not just talking about the whole Eminem/Machine Gun Kelly insanity (though I do have opinions on this. Hit me up if you want to discuss).

Here is a brief synopsis of some things you may have missed that I totally didn’t write about (but still might later):

1.) Brand new music from Waterparks

Awsten Knight of Waterparks leaked part of a new song on Sept. 17 via Instagram. Hero fan Ana (@anafrxncesca) recorded the short Insta live stream and tweeted it for all of us who couldn’t watch.

This came after an interview with Rock Sound, in which the band was asked when we’d hear new songs, with Awsten replying, “Man, maybe I’ve been playing them. Maybe I’ve uploaded them to a YouTube channel you all just haven’t f*cking found yet. Maybe I’ll go live and play something.”

Someone please find that YouTube channel.

2.) Mike Shinoda puzzle pieces

Mike Shinoda cryptically asked his fans for their addresses with zero explanation back on the 8th. He briefly eluded to the fact it was in order to locate radio stations, but days later, some interesting things started showing up in fans’ mailboxes.

Here’s hoping I get lucky and receive one of these in the mail.

(Cop some tickets to the upcoming American leg of the Post Traumatic Tour by clicking here.)

3.) IDKHow record deal

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (IDKHow) is now a signed band! The duo made up of Dallon Weekes (of Panic! At the Disco fame) and Ryan Seaman (of Falling in Reverse) technically announced the deal with Fearless Records in late August, but we’re still buzzing.

*Hint: You can hear their newest single “Choke” in this month’s playlist below.*

(IDKHow is going on tour with Waterparks this fall. Get tickets by clicking here.)

There’s a ton more happening in the alternative music world, but those are some highlights. Be sure to check your favorite music blog (that’s us) often for more stories as they progress. We promise to update more frequently.

Recaps aside, here she is. The September 2018 playlist. There’s been some great new music coming out lately, and I tried to put the best of it in this playlist, alongside some gently used favorites.

What did I miss? Tweet us @AltEchoMusic to let us know what you think.

Featured image courtesy of Pxhere with editing by Nicole Metzler.

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