Playlist: Sleeper

The sun is setting. There’s a chill in the air. Your eyelids are getting heavy.

No, we’re not trying to hypnotize you. We’re just failing at yet another introduction.


Okay, now that you’re alert, bring it back down with this, the ultimate lull-yourself-to-sleep playlist. Don’t worry, it’s not all lullabies and ukulele praise band campfire songs. There’s some good stuff in here.

Not that ukulele praise band campfire songs aren’t good. They just have their own place in this world — far away from this playlist.

Drift to dream land with Coldplay, M83, Snow Patrol, and many more.

As always, this grouping of songs is not set in stone. Expect new arrivals from time to time.

* AltEcho is not responsible for any jump scares that may occur while listening to this playlist.

** To clarify, there shouldn’t be any. But you can never be too careful.

Featured image courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr and licensed under Creative Commons.

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