June playlist

Is it just me or did May go by really slowly? I don’t want to sound like a broken record with my usual “I hate summer” spiel, so I won’t go into it. Just know that my feelings haven’t wavered.

To make matters worse, I was under the impression that the Coldplay EP Kaleidoscope was being released June 2nd, until I looked online yesterday to see that it was postponed to an unknown date. Are you serious.

All Time Low’s Last Young Renegade, their first LP under Fueled By Ramen, is still dropping tomorrow, though, so that’s a plus. Be on the lookout for a review (hopefully) tomorrow.

Anyway, in a protest against summer, I am wearing a long sleeve shirt and drinking hot tea. Bite me. It’s a cool shirt, though. It has writing on the sleeve. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t love sleeve writing. Why don’t more companies sell them? I’m currently desperate to get my hands on this one from Fall Out Boy (in the right size) and this one from Dashboard Confessional that’s no longer available online. So if you wanna hook a girl up, lemme know.

Back to the topic at hand: the June playlist. I’ve included some summery jams, as well as a handful of various other “bops,” as the kids say.

Full disclosure, I have zero idea what a bop is. Am I officially old?

(p.s. I included an extra song for a total of 16 instead of the usual 15. Couldn’t leave off “Good Times” by ATL, now could I?)

Talk to ya next month,


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay (with some editing by Nicole Metzler).

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