SOTD: ‘Laura Palmer’ by Bastille

(Note: sorry for missing a few days of SOTD. Our bad. We’re back now.)

With the return of everyone’s favorite 90s cult TV drama Twin Peaks this week, we thought it was only appropriate to make today’s Song of the Day “Laura Palmer” by Bastille.

lauraFor those not familiar with the Twin Peaks storyline, Laura Palmer is the focal point for much of the show. She was the homecoming queen, a dutiful volunteer and seemingly everyone in town adored her. That was until (*spoiler alert*) she was found dead in the pilot episode. The investigation spurred a whole train wreck of new information about her secret life as a drug user, prostitute and victim of abuse. I’d go more into it, but this is a music blog. If you want more information, consult Netflix.

Lead singer/songwriter Dan Smith is a known super fan of the show, and admitted it in an interview with the Daily Star.

“I’m a massive fan, especially of Twin Peaks,” Smith said. “Our song ‘Laura Palmer’ is basically me shouting that I’m a David Lynch fan from the rooftops. I love the show and love his films. I went on a pilgrimage to Paris to see an exhibition of his paintings. Everything that he does is a natural unforced darkness and quirkiness.”

It only seemed natural for Smith to write a song dedicated to a show and director he’s so enthusiastic about. But here’s the thing: even if you don’t like Twin Peaks or don’t feel like giving it a chance, you’ll still like the song.

“Laura Palmer” has a driving beat, much like a heart racing, accompanied by eerie echoes and a chorus that begs, “But, this is your heart/Can you feel it?/Can you feel it?/Pumps through your veins/Can you feel it?/Can you feel it?”

Is “Laura Palmer” as good as the cherry pie at the Double R Diner? It’s possible. I mean, how good could that pie really be?

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia (with some editing by Nicole Metzler).

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