Is this the craziest week in music history?

Are you alive out there? Have you survived? Yeah, me neither.

Whew, what a crazy week it’s been in the music world. Let’s break it down in a nice timeline:

April 21:

  • Fall Out Boy tease an announcement of sorts in the most cryptic way possible, simply tweeting out the message, “Chicago, please silence your cell phones at 11am CST.” Their post on Instagram included addresses to movie theatres across Chicago. A trailer played before regular film showings, giving the date “4.28.17”
  • Nicole (me) then thinks of how inconvenient this is because the hugely anticipated Gorillaz album Humanz is dropping that day. That seems like a terrible move marketing wise. FOB are popular, but they can’t stand up to these cartoon giants.

April 22:

  • Sneaky Pete Wentz, who of course is behind this whole internet-breaking ridiculousness, tweets out that he will “move this whole operation up a day.” So there goes my FOB vs. Gorillaz battle in my head. Read his whole string of tweets below:

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III. What are your motives for torturing us like this. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.

  • All Time Low, who actually announced a date for their next album *cough*, enters the scene with this photo of what we’re assuming is the Alex Gaskarth jean jacket, as seen in their music video for “Dirty Laundry,” their first single off of Last Young Renegades (out June 2). But let’s be real, we all want this jacket.

April 23:

  • Oh look, it’s ATL again, but this time with Jack Barakat’s jacket. We see this one in the video for “Last Young Renegades.” So each of the four members are getting signature denim. Does that mean there will be four videos? Does the jacket determine whose song identifies with whom? Is “Last Young Renegades” about Jack? (Side note, Nicole likes this one better than Alex’s. Sorry.)

April 24:

  • Gorillaz are days away from their comeback album and after already releasing some songs from the record, they bring us a track off of the deluxe album, titled “The Apprentice,” featuring Rag’n’Bone Man, Zebra Katz and RAY BLK. How this song didn’t make the regular release is baffling, as it’s their best we’ve heard from this new era so far.

April 25:

  • ATL teaser vid incoming. Possibly a scene from their next music video? Even though the back of the jacket is blurred out, we can still see Rian Dawson’s initials. So the next song is his? It is now clear that the images on the back of these jackets are significant to the wearer. What will Rian’s be? Better question: can we buy these please?

  • The Life is Beautiful festival announced their 2017 lineup and boy is it stacked. And yes, that’s what everyone says about every festival, but check out this lineup: Blink-182, Gorillaz, Muse, Lorde, Chance the Rapper, MGMT, Cage The Elephant, Capital Cities… the list goes on. See, I was right. Stacked.

April 26:

  • Pvris decided to completely clear out their social media accounts. Why? BECAUSE BEING CRYPTIC IS #TRENDY. All that remains is this solo post:
  • Not to be outdone, ATL tweeted out this lovely 10 second clip featuring Alex and a tiny sample of music. It sounds beautiful and, dare I say, a lot like The Killers, which I am absolutely okay with. Honestly, ATL signing with Fueled By Ramen was an amazing decision by both parties. That’s enough to get us excited for whatever the heck Alex is doing below.

  • *Ring ring* Hey, it’s FOB. Did you forget about us? Well snap out of it because whatever the heck we’re announcing/releasing is coming TOMORROW at 12 p.m. EST.

  • Brian Logan Dales, lead singer of The Summer Set decided to hop on the bandwagon and tweet out a studio picture with one word: “Soon. #YFTS” Seems simple enough, but it’s hinting at a project outside of his band. As you may recall, TSS temporarily split before releasing their most recent album, Stories For Monday. Could they be done for good, or is Brian just venturing off on his own?


And that brings us to today, April 27. We already know this “Purple” thing is happening. But at this rate, ATL will release their next video, Paramore will send out a picture of something weird to get our minds spinning and Black Veil Brides will randomly release their new album on Spotify without telling anyone. Of course, I’m joking. Even if all this were to magically come true, we all know The Killers will still continue to keep dodging questions about their new album. Just give us something, guys. It’s been five years.


featured image courtesy of Fall Out Boy and All Time Low twitter accounts.

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