Cryptic Fall Out Boy tease leaves emos in a panic

What the heck is Fall Out Boy up to??

After a while of not hearing from our favorite punk/emo rock/pop icons, the band tweeted out this very mysterious message to their fans earlier today:

Um… what?

But wait, there’s more. Kind of.

The band took to Instagram with the same video, but included a long list of addresses under it.

What could any of this mean? A quick Google search will yield results to movie theatres scattered around Chicago, the group’s home city. Does that mean Fall Out Boy are releasing a feature length string of new music videos, much like The Youngblood Chronicles, announcing the end of their hiatus in 2013 with their album Save Rock and Roll?

Or maybe they’re taking a page from Twenty One Pilots’ playbook and are doing their own hometown tour, à la Tour De Columbus.

Or maybe it’s something completely different. Who really knows with this band. The one thing we can be sure of is that whatever it is, it’s bound to be awesome and industry defying.

You’ve got our attention. It’s your move, Fall Out Boy.

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