SOTD: How Far We’ve Come — Matchbox Twenty

I decided to take my once-daily 5 minute scroll through Twitter today and was bombarded with news of an eye of fire in the ocean. An eye of fire. The ocean is on fire. Okay, it’s a little (a lot) more complicated than that, but it’s still crazy to think about, especially considering how messed up everything else in the world seems to be. It … Continue reading SOTD: How Far We’ve Come — Matchbox Twenty

Day 3: Throwback Thursday

Welcome to Alternative Echo’s “31 Days of Songs.” For the entirety of October, we will be tackling a different theme each day in an effort to spread appreciation for some of our favorite tracks. I miss the days when listening to the radio was something you enjoyed, instead of a consolation prize for when your Spotify isn’t working. Back when guitar solos and pop-punk ruled … Continue reading Day 3: Throwback Thursday